What we do

We take over your account and manage it professionally by hand. We increase your influence and the number of relevant followers you have completely organically. Best of all, we do this with your guidance and your goals in mind without you having to spend your own precious time on it.

We post the right content.

What's the right content to post? The stuff that has already proven to be viral.

You want your tweets and posts to get shared and re-tweeted as much as possible, so you can reach the biggest audience online. You don't have to guess or be a visionary in order to figure out what will become viral. We use tools and data for figuring this out. We help you curate and schedule tweets that are likely to get retweeted. Don't just post stuff that is self-promotional. Share things that are useful for your audience. They have given you their trust and attention by following you -- make sure you deliver value in return.

We post at the right frequency and at the right time.

We post content for you 3-4 times a day, consistently, every day.

Too frequent, and you'll annoy or alienate your audience. Too infrequent, and you won't be getting any value out of your audience. The well-tested data-driven answer is: 3 to 4 times a day, spread across different times of the day so you can reach people in various time zones.

We help you get noticed.

How do you get noticed by new people? Interact with them.

We spend the time and interact with your target audience. We pay attention to relevant hashtags from your industry. We interact with audiences that follow associations or celebrities from your field. Of course, you don't have time to do this -- and most Twitter celebrities don't -- and that's why you can easily hire our service to do this for you.

We drive clicks for you.

We use custom banners on content/links that we share for you, so it drives traffic back to your own profile or site.

Also, if you are trying to drive clicks to your blog, your app, your Youtube/Soundcloud page, or any other website, you can easily do that by adding in promotional tweets in your account. We post them on a recurring basis to make sure that all your followers get to see them.

We keep your account active and growing.

We put in all the efforts required to keep your social media accounts active and growing. This basically means you have one less thing to worry about for your online marketing needs.

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